The Horror

by Benedict Roff-Marsh



This is the first musical project I ever completed. It wasn't really intended to be very good - tongue was firmly in cheek. It was a proof of concept that I could make a whole album.

Family weren't super impressed but I was proud and still am. There is a concept, themes, consistency and there was even a cover complete with titles etc. The cover you see is not the original as that was really only a list of track names on a cassette.

For the (morbidly) curious, the synth used was a Casio CZ-1000 which I had owned for about a week. I had just started to get the first inkling of an idea of how to program sounds. It was this ability to make sounds that let to the theme. Most of the sounds were like cinema organs so that, coupled with my complete lack of musical sense, made the horror theme obvious.

Each track was recorded as quickly as possible straight to cassette (in glorious mono). One pass if I was lucky - if not I went back and tried again. There was no ability to edit or multi-track. Every time I pressed Record it was do or die.

Clearly I was making it up as I went. All I had was the sense of an atmosphere. Interestingly this is a composition method I still use from time to time - go in with nothing but a picture and see what gets played.

The other things that have stayed with me are my obsession with synth brass sounds (it's the longest track) and the idea of making concept records. Seems I was a fully formed artist right there and then. I just needed a lot of practice to be able to make my points with a little more finesse.


released May 15, 1989



all rights reserved


Benedict Roff-Marsh Brisbane, Australia

I bought my first keyboard in 1988 and set about learning how it worked as I had always loved music. I was working as a sound engineer in a studio and figured that knowing how to program the synths would be a good skill. I ended up making my own music as well as the sounds.

After around 25 years and around three times that many albums this is the music that I make. It is my style.
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