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This is an EP of Doom Metal I made in the mid 90's with synths. I was frustrated with the music scene changing and not feeling I had any place in the new order. I discovered that there was a lot of Metal I had never heard and some of it was pretty cool. Because I had always liked Metal I thought I would have a go. I even made an illustrated booklet that came with the cassette. Booklet artwork can be seen on my website.

I admit I wasn't a good singer and at times the "guitars" sound very flat. I wrote these songs intending to get a real band to play. That didn't happen but I did get some interest from a label in France. Without my even knowing it a local Metal fan posted my tape over.

Metal fans were great at that time, they called it "tape trading" and most of the copies of my tapes were sold to the same few people who posted the other copies overseas to other Metal fans. I know one tape was given to the bass player from Bolt Thrower and one was sent to someone in LA.

All of this was new for me as I didn't realize how open Metal fans were. Sure a few didn't get my very slow and electronic take but so many were really open to taking in what I did.

Originally "Life Support" was the lead track but I was never really happy with that as to me the slower tracks were where my heart was in this. Uploading now gives me a change to fix that.

If you happen to have had one of these tapes pass through your life I would love to hear (even if you didn't like it).


released September 30, 1993



all rights reserved


Benedict Roff-Marsh Brisbane, Australia

I bought my first keyboard in 1988 and set about learning how it worked as I had always loved music. I was working as a sound engineer in a studio and figured that knowing how to program the synths would be a good skill. I ended up making my own music as well as the sounds.

After around 25 years and around three times that many albums this is the music that I make. It is my style.
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