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High Theta to Mid Delta

by Benedict Roff-Marsh

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This is technically a trial. But you may enjoy it anyway. Feedback on if it works for you, or on my methods, is welcome.

INFO: I have encountered a few people wanting Binaural Beats made recently. I first read about them back in the '90s when they had one of their regular resurgences. I'll be honest and say I don't know if they work at all. The science on them is very sketchy at best. But so long as you don't do anything silly like drive or operate machinery, they are unlikely to do any real harm.

The method is that you seem to need to use headphones to ensure that your brain can hear the tones embedded panned left + right and correctly create the beating that is a result of their being out of tune with each other in your grey matter. I have found the system worked well in my studio but I have my speakers placed out somewhat like headphones. In other rooms, I can hear some of the beating but not in the middle of my head in that way that makes me feel funny. If you use a little radio or Bluetooth tub I doubt your brain gets to do the "thing".

If Binaural Beats are in-fact a bit of a bowl of unicorn poop, the music, along with the expectation of a more relaxed, clarified, and restored mind, will probably do its placebo trick anyway.

There is little information on how one is best supposed to create Binaural Beats programs. This leaves me thinking that like "Gong Baths" it is a make it up as you go along - sorry I meant: follow your higher-self through your intuition - thing.

It seems that many people simply let the beats start fast and steadily slow down through their piece. I will admit I started that way but it increasingly worried me as you'd never write a piece of music that was supposed to get people dancing or feeling emotional that way. Disco & Ballads start & end on the same tempo as a rule. To ramp across the whole piece otherwise is just plain weird. Besides, we adjust between Boney M & Richard Marx in a matter of seconds.

After reading that some people feel that it takes around 6-7 minutes to "entrain" the brain to the new rate, it seemed far smarter to simply set three frequencies then step down through them in 10-minute intervals. This gives 30 minutes of program which is effectively a whole "album" in length and a good falling-asleep timing anyway.

- - -

As for the cost to make such a thing: this took me two days to make and ensure it was of suitable quality. I could have dashed it off in a few hours but it would have been scruffy work. That means that at $55 per hour (to reflect an award-winning professional composer with 30+ years experience) that is $550. If the client wanted to remove my composer credit that is $1,100 (as invisible work damages future earnings).

Of course in most cases, people really only need a license to use some or all of the work in which case I'll pick a line in the sand and say from $20. We'd need to talk it thoroughly first though as Coke using this in an international advert is a whole other ballgame from someone using for it a family slideshow (during which everyone is guaranteed to fall asleep lol).


released July 29, 2019


all rights reserved



Benedict Roff-Marsh Brisbane, Australia

Trained as a Mix Engineer in the late 80's in a tape-based studio making AM Radio jingles. It taught me to deliver and focus on the right result instead of messing about for days over whether 234ms or 243ms was more socially acceptable. I noticed that everyone was a bit afraid of the electronics. Composing helped me understand how to mix better. ... more

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