10​,​000 Becquerel

by 10,000 Becquerel



10,000 Becquerel was a side project with myself and Fakie Wilde in about 1992. Kat Trautweiller was also officially a member of the group but I don't believe she was active in any of these recordings. We planned to play live but on our first outing at a Battle of the Bands were disqualified as not being a proper band because there were only two of us. Lucky Prince didn't enter!

This isn't officially an album but merely the recordings we made. The "Sound of Moosic" was entered in the 4ZZZ Radio covers competition. It was pretty funny hearing how confused the judges were. I seem to recall there was a vocal from Fakie, something he made up on the spot about "aroma of Italian cheese". Shame that has gone missing as it was wonderfully odd.

A Becquerel is a measure of nuclear radiation I took the name from a book I was reading on the Chernobyl disaster. 10,000 is quite a lot and you wouldn't feel very well at all.


released July 1, 1992

Benedict Roff-Marsh: synths, guitars vocals
Fakie Wilde: guitars, vocals
we wrote our own lyrics



all rights reserved


Benedict Roff-Marsh Brisbane, Australia

I bought my first keyboard in 1988 and set about learning how it worked as I had always loved music. I was working as a sound engineer in a studio and figured that knowing how to program the synths would be a good skill. I ended up making my own music as well as the sounds.

After around 25 years and around three times that many albums this is the music that I make. It is my style.
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